Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Pro gear

On Sunday I rode again to Porvoo and back. I purchased arm and leg warmers (Campagnolo T. G. System) and of course I had to get to test drive them immediately. The weather was warm enough so that the leg warmers weren't strictly necessary, but they weren't too much either. They certainly did make me feel more aerodynamic though. The arm warmers were definitely necessary, because there was a considerable wind. There's just one thing though: the warmers are shaped to fit either left or right arm/leg, and I'm not sure if I can tell how to put them on correctly. Well, I guess I'll get it if I stare at them long enough.

I used to wonder how shops like Velosport survive, because everything they sell is dirt expensive. But I wonder no more, because now I'm one of the many who willingly carry any spare cash to shops like these whenever their limited financial resources allow. Also, I've always refused to wear clothing with big manufacturer logos on them. I'm not going to buy an Adidas shirt with my own money so I can be their walking billboard. But here I am, admitting that I would by a Campagnolo shirt, because they're cool. Even though I don't actually own any Campagnolo bike components or have any experience of them whatsoever, yet.

As for the ride itself, it went rather well, although I did not eat enough on the way. I had a pasta meal shortly before going out, then ate some energy gels and muesli bars on the way, but anyway I was short on energy at the end. I could tell because I had a crazy craving for pizza, ice cream, candy and such, besides the weak feeling, of course.

Distance: 105.9 km
Time: 3:41
Avg: 28.6 km/h

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