Saturday, February 21, 2009


Ok, I just registered for the Helsinki City Marathon. So by 15.8.2009 I'll have to get into shape again. According to a runner magazine I recently bought, for the next three months I'll have to run about three times a week, two shorter runs and a longer one. For the next three months I'll have to spice things up a bit. I don't know how, exactly, I didn't read the article all the way through.

Today I took a 83 minute run. The distance was some 14 km, according to Google Maps. At that speed 42 km would take slightly over 4 hours. I suppose I want to aim to doing it in less than 4 hours. I see I have work to do. Running for an hour and a half is easy. I suppose that running for four hours is hard. I don't know because I've never done it.

But at least, in August, it won't be as cold as it is now. I much prefer exercising in the summer. Today my hands nearly froze off. I'd gone on longer if it weren't for my hands. I like to have hands. I need them for lots of things.

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