Friday, January 16, 2009

Mass gain season

It's been quiet on the exercising front lately. I go running every now and then, about once a week. Perhaps surprisingly, I didn't bloat uncontrollably over Xmas, even though I hardly did anything except munched a lot and napped on the couch whenever I wasn't munching. Oh man, in fact I got the munchies now, where are those crisps?

Oh yeah, (munch), this season looks good for me (munch) anyway. Last year I started practicing in May-ish, after about two years of doing not very much, sports-wise (munch). This year (munch), when the bicycling season starts, (munch) I'll be about 8 kg lighter than (munch) last year (munch). Ok, (munch munch), make that 7 kg lighter. (munch). Yeah, 6,9 kg it'll be. And I can start practising earlier, hopefully. (munch)

In autumn (munch), late one night I remembered dreaming about running the Stockholm marathon before. I went to the web page to find out that there were about 500 places left. As I couldn't make the decision on the spot, without consulting my wife, I didn't sign up. And now it's too late. Well, there's always the Helsinki city marathon, which should be the easiest one to begin with, as there will be no need to reserve hotel rooms or anything, and... 65€? What's up with that? I have to pay 65€ for running around the city? What a rip off. I'm disappointed. Does that include a T-shirt?


Anyway. Last week I purchased a running beanie cap to wear under the bicycle helmet in the cold weather. It cost 12€ in a sale (30% off the regular price). Also available there was a 27€ bicycling beanie cap (also 30% off), but it fit worse and seemed no better material-wise. I, for one, am such a novice in the sporting world that I usually can't tell which sports garment is meant for which brand of sports unless it's clearly said in the label or some other device. I usually have a hard time in sports stores separating the bicycling gear from the running gear, the running gear from the hiking gear and the hiking gear from other outdoor recreational or free time whatever gear. Unless they're all clearly labeled. And might I say that women's clothes aren't that clearly distinguishable from blokes' gear either these days. Am I old, blind or just confused by the colours?

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