Monday, October 20, 2008

Budget runner

On Saturday, I finally managed to go shopping for a new running jacket. I've been meaning to do so for some time now, because my old running jacket is some four years old now, and it's gotten to smell so bad that I'm ashamed to run around in it. Whenever I do, people I run by tend to stop to retch and gag by the side of the road. Flocks of scavenger animals follow me. My own eyes sting and water because of the smell. Because I often run to work in the mornings, there is much screaming, triggering of fire alarms and jumping out the windows whenever I enter the building, which, I fear, might result to making me unpopular among coworkers.

Washing the jacket does nothing. I've even tried soaking it in vinegar solution, which is supposed to kill the bacteria living in it, apparently, but to no avail. I have no idea how to get rid of the old jacket, because I suspect it's officially classified as a biohazard by now. I guess I'll have to get it transported to WIPP somehow.

Anyhow, I got a new running jacket from a sale. I went for a run yesterday, but as it rained and I got totally soaked, I can't say much of the jacket's properties. It is light, it has nice reflectors and it should breath well. Actually, I'm not sure if I understand what the fuss is about, when talking about running gear. Sure, you need good running shoes, but as for other clothing, doesn't about any tarpaulin or beer tub cover that covers up your private parts do? Do you really have to get expensive high tech technical clothing in order to run? And furthermore, must I start to wear tights? I'm afraid I'll look silly in them. Now bicycling, that's another matter entirely. When bicycling, you must be aerodynamic.

There is one accessory that is essential when running in southern Finland in autumn/winter, though. A headlamp, that is. It makes you more visible and it enables you to see where to put your feet on the patchy, dimly lit, lazily maintained light traffic pathways. It also makes you look cool, in a runner-geeky sort of way.

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