Thursday, March 26, 2009

Tough call

I've been sleeping on a hot bed of charcoal for some time now. Since last week I've been doing a lot of comparing of frame materials, drivetrain components and wheels in my sleep. It really doesn't improve the quality of sleep. After a few nights of delirious arguing with myself I came to the conclusion that I prefer the Trek Madone 4.5 2008 over the Bianchi Freccia Celeste 2005. Having made the decision eases the pain somewhat, but now I'm waiting for the actual bike to appear at the dealer's. He'd ordered the bikes last week, they should have been there yesterday but weren't, and I'm waiting for a call.

Furthermore, I caught a real fever besides the bicycle fever. It passed already, but I'm still kind of feeling flu-ish and unable to do any sports. Cough. Sneeze. It sucks.

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