Saturday, May 28, 2011

U S A! U S A!

Although I already know everything, I still seem to learn new stuff as I get older. When you get older you slowly begin to realise that you might not be one of the few immortal humans after all. Because, at 36, in 2011, I might only have some 61 years of youth left, I've come to the conclusion that life is too short to be wasted not trying out new stuff.

I used to think that I'm definitely a roadie. But then again, there was a certain period when I used to perceive myself as a goth. Then there are the bohemian years, the punk period, and the (fortunately) short period of trying to mimic an average student, to mention only a few. Anyway, after seeing lots of pictures of mountain bikes and even some videos of people riding them, I've gotten really curious to find out what it feels like to actually ride one. This is where my new friend, Scott, from USA comes in:

I think his last name is Strike, although it might also be Limited, or even G-Zero. I'm not so up to date with these American and/or rap names. They're all cool names though. Definitely cooler than mine (it is Teboil B. Ryynikäinen from Suomussalmi, just a typical Finnish name, in case you insist).

This is a classic bicycle full of the latest HMF crabon fibré full suspension hi-tech Scandium USA Scott competitive technology from 2001 and did I mention the Scandium rear fork already. If only I'd know what Scandium is, or weren't too lazy to google it out.

Anyhow, it definitely is exciting to find new aspects in bicycling. The bottom bracket is higher from the ground than I've gotten used to, the angles are different, the tyres are wide enough to fit any self-respecting tractor and make a funny noise on the pavement. There's the comfort of suspension!

After having gotten used on the road bike to the strict discipline of pedaling as efficiently as possible down (and up) long stretches of even road, it seems wildly exhilarating to ride this bike. Suddenly, the average speed doesn't seem to be a major objective any more. The knobby tyres and suspension seem to say "Get off the road!", "Play around!", "Please, jump off something!".

I think there's a sharp learning curve ahead, and it sounds like fun!

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