Thursday, April 14, 2011


In case you're wondering what's up with the cycle path I complained recently, exciting things have happened. Shortly after I directed my complaints directly to the P"N"WD, via a feedback form on their web page (as they don't seem to be reading my blog, for some reason), they did, to my surprise, deliver. In a way.

Namely, somebody filled up the Grand Canyon with fresh gravel. Unfortunately, a couple of days later, a street sweeper cleaned the path, and while doing that also swept most of the fresh gravel out of the excavation. So the path doesn't look much better at the moment:

Gotta love those craters & oil spills. Makes it look a bit like a war zone. Which is good. We need some street cred here. The neighbourhood is way too bourgeois as it is.

In other news, a mysterious delivery arrived on our dinner table today:

Who is it for?

Hey, that's me! And damn, I just accidentally published my true identity. Oh, what the hey. BTW, did you know that Rembrandt is one of the most common first names in Finland?

Let's see what's inside the parcel:

Oh, cool! It's some kind of a air-filled portable travel cushion. I've always wanted one of these. But wait, there's more! A book:

And another one:

And another one:

And yet another one:

Wow, the last one was big. Thanks, Santa! These should provide adequate evening entertainment for at least a week. I'm in bicycling nerd paradise.

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