Saturday, March 13, 2010


I've been stubbornly bicycling to/from work all winter. But there's really not much choice. I could take the bus, but it just seems so frustratingly slow as there's not a straight connection. When it takes 30 min to advance about 1,5 km by bus, you inevitably find that even walking would be more efficient. And I don't like the smell of human. Well, I like the smell of some humans, but not in general. I'd rather inhale lots of fresh air, even though it tends to be mixed up with exhaust gases, than suck up the germs & perfume & miscellaneous emissions in a closed metal box.

And anyway, I tend to be persistent, so even if it's raining lots of snow, cats, dogs, knives and s**t, I usually don't find that a reason to not ride the bike. Lots of co-humans find that out of the ordinary, but to me, changing the established procedure seems a bigger nuisance than not changing it, even though the weather condition might seem impossible.

But, good news: lately bicycling has been quite fast & efficient. If you drive on the road, instead of the light traffic pathway, that is. And recently, I see, lots of part-of-the-year-commuters have been emerging out of their sells for the season. That's nice. The automobilists must get used to masses of bicyclers again, and the sooner, the better. It's been lonely on the roads, defending our rights, lately.

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